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Choosing to steer away from conventional career paths ( Andy as a Doctor and Michele as a Pharmacist), we embraced the world of digital storytelling. This decision was fueled by more than just ambition; it was a complete life change for our special needs daughter, Misha, to give her the love, therapies and nurturing she deserved.

The road was, however, not paved with gold. Our days were filled with therapies for Misha, intertwined with our hopes and quiet aspirations. Doubts whispered in our ears, especially during the moments when progress seemed like a distant star.

But then, the universe sent us a sign. Just after her 4th birthday, Misha took her first independent steps. It felt as if she was silently telling us that everything would be alright. That day’s joy, encapsulated in a video we cherish, epitomizes the triumphs of love and perseverance. It was then that we knew we did the right thing

So, why open the pages of our life to you? Because our journey has taught us the unparalleled power of love and authenticity. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, these are the values we bring to every project. Be it photography, video, marketing or storytelling, our approach is rooted in genuine emotion and detail.

Backed by our 17 years as business owners wearing all the hats that business owners do and certifications from industry leaders like Google and Hubspot, our dedication extends beyond capturing moments. We aim to craft narratives that resonate, creating a powerful digital presence for brands and individuals alike. Our commitment? Ensuring your story shines brightly in the vast digital expanse.

Now that our digital paths have crossed, we’re all ears, eager to delve into your narrative. Ready to co-create something memorable?

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